As a child I was uncoordinated, frumpy, and “the fat kid.” Add to this scenario that my dad was a body builder, Rugby player (which he still is, even though he’s over the hill) and football coach. In my house, it was not okay to be inactive, nor was it okay to be stick thin. My dad preached fitness, fitness fitness. As an adult, I finally grew out of my “fat kid” phase and stayed active. Only recently did I kick that plan into high gear. If I told you how much I’ve lost, you would be alarmed, so I’ll keep it to myself.

So, as I sit here, after OT at work and a long night writing, with many hours ahead of me still, all I can think about is Mac n Cheese. The kind with the really processed cheese that has negative nutritional value. Then I ran across this on my newest obsession Pinterest:

There’s nothing like seeing a person who’s body is exactly what yours will look like in just a few weeks. Tonight, this inspiration was entirely necessary (reaches for apple).

*This post was brought to you by Shake Weight… Seriously. I swear by that thing.


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