Every team has to have a theme song. That one thing that represents them and lets the world know who they are and that they mean business. In the 80’s music videos and the “rap music those kids are listening to” was all the rage. Well, the NFL, in an effort to popularize themselves took to these videos like a bird in the Gulf of Mexico after an oil spill (too soon?).

The Oakland Raiders (feat. Howie Long and Marcus Allen)

The Philadelphia Eagles (feat. the Reverend Reggie White R.I.P.)

The Miami Dolphins

The LA Rams (feat. Leroy Jenkins, the man who constantly tried to get my mother to leave my father for him)

The San Francisco 49ers (feat. the legend Jerry Rice)

Thanks to my little brother JP for reminding me about this gem from T-Pain. Apparently NFL songs still suck.

San Diego refuses to change from this gem:

And of course the Raiders have the best modern theme song of all time. There’s no way you can hear this and not get pumped! ( Ican’t wait to hear it in Farmer’s Field *fingers crossed*)


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