As a person with a day job and more night jobs than I can count on two hands, I often find myself revamping the “to-do” list. I have yet to find something that works perfectly for my life.

My mom is THE multi-tasker. Growing up, she and my dad owned multiple business, and she was always picking one of us four kids up from horse riding, soccer, cheerleading, football or dance. Her “to-do” list consisted of a very over-packed day planner that had to be smashed shut to zip. Filled with fliers, notes and things to send, having a record of what was going on months past today was necessary for me. But not for me.

I have upcoming deadlines, bills and sometimes, they get lost in the shuffle. Then I found this wonderful thing. While it isn’t prefect, it’s close. Until I find the perfect list, this is my “it” list. The thing I love about this list too is the fact that if the list fills up, that’s it. There’s only so many hours and I find it extremely important to have some sort of “me” time; not a lot, just some. 🙂

If you have any list ideas I’d LOVE to hear them!


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