Here’s my idea of paradise: a place that sparkles and lets my imagination run wild. A place on the coast, with hills and cliffs so I can watch the waves break and feel the sea breeze at night. A place that has a beach where I can sit, relax and not have to face my fear of sharks (which is in my top five fears). A place that always has new adventures in store for me. A place that is not far from a city, but is not a village; I like people watching and don’t want the townspeople thinking I’m a stalker. A place with little traffic and even less crime, so I can leave my windows open at night and enjoy the breeze and sounds of the sea. A place where there’s a marine layer in the morning and sunshine all day long, giving way to breathtaking sunsets.

While I doubt this place exists, and I realize I’m asking for a lot, I ran across this picture. It made me think, “Hey, maybe my dream town does exist!” Then, upon further and closer examination I began to think it was a picture of some village in Mexico… which is not my paradise (I know because I spent half my childhood there).

But if you know where this place is, and it’s not a drug-running third world country, please let me know, because I may have found my future home.


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