Sometimes in today’s society it’s easy to doubt that true love still exists. That kind of love that transcends borders and time. That kind of love that only Nicholas Sparks can write about. Then you hear a story like the one I just heard the other day.

A man in his 40s who immigrated here from Bulgaria told me the story of his great grandparents. She was from a wealthy family and he was virtually penniless. Her family disliked him greatly because they knew he would never be good enough for their daughter, to whom they had given the world. But the two loved each other and secretly married.

Times got hard, so he moved to America to try and make a name for himself. At that time there were no phones so for 8 long years (I reiterate, 8 years) they communicated solely by letters. Eventually, the separation became too much for her to handle so she resorted to drastic measures. She stole from her family’s safe and bought a ticket to meet her husband in America.

When she got there, she found that her husband, who had left her as a penniless worker had built quite an empire for himself in America. He was now as wealthy as the family who had shunned him.

Once in America they started a family. After a long while she became ill and bedridden. After having the best doctors in the nation try to diagnose her, the ultimate affliction was homesickness. She missed her home, family and life in Bulgaria she left behind. They returned to Bulgaria and her health instantly returned.


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