I’m not the average 23 year old. I believe that I really can do anything I want, but I know that it won’t come easy. I know that I have to work really, really hard for what I want. A day rarely ever goes by where I do no work and I’m always thinking about my next project, organizing how I’m going to get it done amidst my crazy schedule. Fitting in family and friends isn’t always easy, but I’m always comforted by the thought that if I work really hard while I’m young and have the energy to do so, then I’ll be able to enjoy life later.

You’re old for a lot longer than you are young.

The reason I’m blogging about this is to encourage all of you who have dreams, or who may have put your dreams on hold for whatever reason. Just know that if you are willing to put in the work, your dreams won’t be just dreams. Think about the unlikely people like Susan Boyle or someone who was told he would never walk again… and then ran a marathon.

Pick a dream and hold it close. Never give up and always move forward. Most importantly, keep working hard. The result is well worth the effort (unless your dream is something like marrying a stripper; call me and I’ll help you aim higher. – just kidding strippers. I’m sure you’re lovely).

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