I’ve never liked Kim Kardashian. I’m a workaholic and to see someone make so much money and have such an easy life just for being in a sex tape always seemed ridiculous to me. Sure she’s gorgeous and a good sister and daughter, but lots of people are; why don’t they make as much money?

But the other day I was climbing up Runyon Canyon, where most of my epiphanies happen, and it hit me.

What does Kim K do? She poses for pictures, lets cameras follow her around and markets her random businesses. What do models do? Pose for pictures. So, isn’t Kim K harder working than most models? Well, yes she is.

Essentially Kim K has made the best of a crappy situation. Her sex tape leaked, which I’m sure she wasn’t happy about, so what did she do? Turn her sudden fame into dollar signs; the mark of a good business woman. She lives a completely transparent life in the spotlight, shares everything with her fans, helps girls maintain healthy body images, doesn’t drink, doesn’t do drugs and shows people how a modern American family can still be close despite differences.

So isn’t she better than most of these models we idealize?

In a moment, I this revelation took me from my normal hater status (which I’m still working on per my resolutions) to actually admiring this business woman, and yes, she is a business woman.


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