No matter the trend, Angelenos can wear it, and we can wear it most days of the year. In Los Angeles, it really is everything the movies make it out to be, and much more. Taking a walk down Hollywood Boulevard, everyone looks like a movie star. You can’t even go to your local grocery store for a quick gallon of milk without running into someone (my roommate literally ran into Zach Braff at the market last night).

But what do people wear that makes them look like movie stars?

Rule number one in Los Angeles is to always wear sunglasses. Big sunglasses so that no one knows who you are, and so you look just as stylish as the mega-millionaires you share this town with. If you are reading this to prepare for a visit to LA, do yourself a favor and toss your aviators in your bag right now because you’ll feel like a naked tourist without them.

So, once you get past the sunglasses, what do you wear? Well, in LA there is no standard trend like other cities. In New York you wear black, in Paris you wear high fashion, but in LA you can wear anything thanks to our lovely sunshine! However, there are some trends you will commonly see and they all revolve around one word: casual.

For many people, street style is the name of the game. Leggings, tight jeans and short shorts are staples in every girl’s closet. Anything that shows off your toned physique and all the hours you put in at the gym. However, your shirt is a much different story. Oversized shirts and pullovers make the rest of your body seem smaller and flatter your shape. Deep V-necks and other shirts that expose flashes of your unmentionables are often seen. Things you would truly see on the “street.”

But don’t forget about the surfer chic look that so many people here embrace. Since Los Angeles is a city by the sea, many women dress in sheers with wavy hair that looks like they just left the beach, because they did. Surfer Chic is not a style in LA, it is just the result of your active, wave-riding, rollerblading, sunbathing lifestyle. Manhattan, Venice, Santa Monica, Malibu and the list goes on; no matter where you are, the surf is not far away. Sundresses can fall into this category, because we do wear a lot of those. They are so easy! One piece of clothing, some flip flops and you’re ready to go to work or out for drinks.

In a town where legends are made and dreams are chased, being well-dressed while having the ability to express ourselves is what Los Angeles fashion is made of.


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