In Memory Of…

Today is a tough day for me every year, as it is the anniversary of the passing of a good friend of mine. He died at the young age of 22. While his death was tragic, it also opened my eyes to something very important: clichés are true! “Seize the day.” “Tomorrow isn’t promised.” “Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.” All these things we flippantly say or pay no attention to are really true.

When people meet and hang out with me, it’s only a matter of time before they are doing something they never thought they would, or never even thought of. Things like painting your body and playing Twister, or running across a golf course at night pretending to be a super hero, ending up on TV for no real reason, hanging out with the Wu Tang Clan, and the list goes on and on. If you follow my Twitter you hear about the daily things that happen to me, most of which, I agree, may seem hard to believe, but are 100% true. So why does all this happen to me? How is it that one person can have so many absurd experiences?

Tim Thomas. When he was killed at 22, I was only 19. It made me realize, what if I only had three more years to live? What if I only had a week? I started thinking about everything I say I want to do, and everything I put off till tomorrow and decided no more! It was time to seize the day, because one minute you can be watching a Laker game, and the next you’re struggling for your last breath.

So, while this isn’t as light hearted as some of my other posts, I write it to urge you to take clichés seriously. They’re cliché for a reason. It’s finally time to ask out the girl who’s way out of your league, or to call your dad who you haven’t spoken to in years, or plant the garden you have been thinking about, or finally hit a bong for the first time. Whatever it is you always think about, put off, or are too chicken to do, now is the time, because you might not have a tomorrow.

I have two mottos. One is “Don’t think, just do.” The other is that if you can go to sleep at night content with what you did that day, then you will never have any regrets and live a full life.

RIP Tim Thomas… You are missed…


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