Kissing is a concept, like many others in my life, that I find awkward. Even from very young ages, kissing is an awkward notion. When we are very little, we kiss our mom and dad goodbye. At some point, kissing our parents becomes awkward, but kissing other boys and girls seems normal. As we get older, kissing is still often awkward. But the king of all awkward kissing situations is the social kiss.

You have seen seen those movies where people in Europe kiss on both cheeks to say hello. Well, this concept does not fly in America. However, some people still feel the need to be “European” and kiss people like this when they see them. The problem with this is the rest of us who are unfamiliar with it. There is a very good chance that you can end up inadvertently kissing someone if you do not know the “left side first” rule (which I had to learn the hard way, multiple times because I don’t know my lefts and rights).

Then there are the people who actually kiss you to say hello. Some people, friends of the family, old friends, etc. will actually kiss you when they see you. Now, this can be quite alarming because it takes you by surprise. Next thing you know you have kissed someone and you spend the next minute convincing yourself you aren’t cheating on your significant other.

The only solution I have ever been able to come up with is this: kisses are friendly. Get over it. I mean, don’t kiss strangers, we don’t need a mono outbreak, but when saying hi to old friends, kiss away! They’re your friends right? But you have to be even with your kiss giving. For example, if you kiss everyone except that gross friend who you invite just to be nice, well, that’s going to be a bit obvious. So, think long and hard about your kissing policy and remember, it’s just saying hello.

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  1. Drew said:

    Unfortunately, as Americans, we are generally very anti-touching. Which is strange. Almost every other culture has lots of touching. Europeans are not very open, but by comparison to use, they are practically having sex when they say hi compared to us! ❤ you mucho Nat!

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