While listening to “Dream A Little Dream of Me,” a duet by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, I began thinking, what happened to romance? As I go through my life, I find it really hard to believe that the type of romance that existed in the 1920’s still exists today.

What ever happened to dating? Even before the economy took a turn, “dating” had already taken a nose dive. Dinner and a movie. This is the typical go-to date. Or just hanging out. But, what happened to going places like parks and beaches and taking walks while you get to know a person? Or going bowling or even playing pool? It seems as though people are putting less thought into relationships, and we’re all letting it happen.

And what happened to chivalry? The times when men walked on the street-side of the curb, and when women learned how to wait for men to open doors for them? While I am very grateful for the advancements the feminist movement has made, I fear that it has killed a bit of the delicate nature of women, and we no longer expect to be treated certain ways. I remember when my dad tried to teach me to wait for a boy to open my door for me. My response? “Well, what the heck am I waiting for? I have two arms and this is taking too long.” We have stopped taking the time for romance.

If you look at the increasing divorce rate, and the selfishness of people who don’t believe everyone should have the right to someday hold the title of “divorcee,” it becomes quite apparent that relationships, romance, and the importance of getting to know a person is slowly dying.

So how do we fix this? How do we bring back the romantic passion that is heard in the old Billie Holiday songs? First, we need to start thinking of other people more. Yeah, the ultimate goal is a “kiss” at the end of the night, but maybe the goal should be having a good time and getting to know a person. Second, we should take the time to be romantic. You don’t have to fall in love, although hopefully you will, but romance takes time and planning. Third, we need to think about others. We know what we think is a fun outing, but pay attention to what the other person likes too and plan dates accordingly. Forth, DATE! Don’t just sit around, hanging out. That is the furthest thing from romance. Go out to an art walk, make fun of people at the park, go to museums. There are so many things people can do that are a million times better than hanging out.

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  1. Marina said:

    I love this one! I just dumped the guy I was seeing because of this. As a first generation American I was raised more Egyptian than American. Romance in its truest form can only be found outside of America now, mainly because the guy can’t convince the girl based on great sex over there. He has to completely earn her love and respect and they generally wait till marriage for sex to happen. when we make a physical relationship more important than an emotional one we tend to ruin the hell out of romance. There is a reason why America has the highest divorce rates. Hollywood has taboo’d virginity or chastity and popularized pre marital sex. gee thanks! I’ve got nothing personal against sex but come on now, we need to get smarter than this! Women need to value themselves more than this. We have the power to bring romance back or to leave it in the back seat of some guys car on prom night. but back to the dude i was seeing. talk about NO romance at all! i would mention a super romantic European singer and he would reply with Uncle Kracker. Nuf said…

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