Tattoos are quite possibly the coolest thing ever. I remember the first time I got one and my friend was thinking she wanted one too. I told her, “Ya man, they’re great, but just remember that it’s more permanent than marriage.” Which is true. I mean, ya, you can get them removed, but some never really go away.

I’m just waiting for the day when I get wasted and walk down the block and get some horrible regretable tattoo. Then, it hit me the other day. As I was walking with my friend, it hit me. I had been hanging out with a guy who’s knuckles were tattooed. Thats what I need to get. My friend and I were talking about the state of our lives. Crazy men with girlfriends who want to date us. Other crazy men who can’t seperate business from pleasure. Women who have severe emotional breakdowns over burnt sauteed vegetables. We decided that our lives are one big shit show. Then it hit me. The most regretable awesome tattoo I could possibly get. “Shit Show” tattooed on my knuckles. Then, everyone who meets me will know right off the bat that if they hang out with me, they will have one hell of a time, but they run the risk of being a part of the shit show.

Tattoos are beyond amazing. They let people know something about you before they ever say hello. If you have “MOM” tattooed on you’re arm, chances are you think you’re a tough guy. If there’s a peace sign on the back of your neck, you probably don’t like violence. And if you have “shit show” on your knuckles, you are aware of the state of your life and proudly let everyone know.


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