I’m falling. I’m seven years old, frantically flailing in a pool, I’m gasping in water, I’m trying not to die, I resemble a retarded dog, then I’m suddenly swimming. I’m sixteen years old, in a park, Bobby leans in to kiss me, I’m nervous and my palms are sweaty, my oral virginity is taken. I’m four years old, standing in the hallway with my pink feather boa draped around me, I’m telling my mom I promise I wasn’t playing in the dress-up trunk. I’m falling. I’m thirteen and standing in the school hallway, Tiffany and the cheerleaders are pointing at me and laughing, everyone else starts laughing too, I’m bright red, a combination of acne and embarrassment. I’m ten years old, I’m stuffing my face with twinkies, my dad is asking why don’t I go play with my friends, I’m wondering who my friends are besides the ones I make up, I eat another twinkie. I’m falling. I’m twenty years old, Johnny tells me he loves , for the first time, I smile, we kiss, we break up a week later amidst shattered glass and hearts. I’m eighteen years old, crossing the stage to get my diploma, I trip on my gown, everyone laughs, even the principal, I hurriedly grab my diploma and take my seat. I’m twenty two years old, I get my first real job, I get molested by my boss but it’s the cost of achieving my dreams, I get used, literally. I’m falling. I see my dad’s face, my mom’s my siblings, my best friend. I’m falling. The End.


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