Who the hell decided what “beautiful” is and what encompasses “perfection”? I gave this some thought the other day as I looked at the covers of magazines at a newsstand. Women, some with tons of make-up, some with minimal. Men with chiseled abs or just regular semi-thin dudes. All different colors and facial structures. Clearly, from looking at these magazines, everyone has a different opinion of what beauty and perfection are; so why are women still getting all kinds of work done and why do men take an absurd amount of vitamin supplements to bulk up?

Women, especially in Los Angeles, spend so much time and money trying to make themselves look like someone they aren’t. They start with the simple breast augmentation, because god forbid any woman be happy with a B-cup. Then they move onto the rhinoplasty, because all women need to get rid of that invisible bump only they can see on the bridge of their nose. Some women tan in an effort to be darker, while others take pills and use bleaching cream to get lighter. As time goes on and those smile lines start to show up, they immediately erase all signs of the fun they had throughout life with face lifts and botox. And let’s not even talk about how many countless hours are spent starving and pretending to like food. There is no perfect woman. There is no real definition of beauty yet we are all striving for this image that doesn’t even exist.

Men are just as bad. They have to, first and foremost, have some sort of abdominal definition. The more their stomaches resemble a washboard the better, but as long as there is a straight line running down their core it’s acceptable. They have to have endless amounts of protein powders, vitamin supplements, and all kinds of other things to discuss with their buddies . And the more protein you have, the more you better be in the gym. In fact, if you don’t work out at least five days a week you might as well turn in your man card right now. Men aren’t as crazy about plastic surgery as the women-folk but you better believe they wish they had a square jawline. This is as ridiculous as the constraints put on women. It’s great if a guy is in shape, but not necessary at all. And to be perfectly honest, I know very few women who find a square jaw attractive.

So what is it we are all trying to look like? Who is it that people all over are emulating? The best thing a person can do for his or herself is to take a good, hard look in the mirror and decide who to be. No two people are the same, so why try to make yourself look like that? Just look at you, love you, and be you, smile lines and all. You are beautiful in your own unique way.

  1. baileyj2 said:

    Nice post!

    Apologies for the comment, 7 months later. I only found it through mine, but nicely done.

    Can I keep my man-card, though? I don’t do the gym-thing… I don’t want to end-up like Jim Fixx: having a heart-attack, after running.

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