Strippers. Drug dealers. These are people in the underworld. People who are typically looked down on by our society. But why? They provide services for other people, like the maid or live theater. They all work hard and try to make a living just like everyone else. Let’s start with strippers.
Strippers dance. Yes, they may have on little to no clothes but that’s what they do is dance. They do what girls do every night in clubs all over the world only they do it on a stage and, quite frankly are probably more comfortable at work than the rest of us because they get to wear less clothes. They are probably in better shape than most Americans because they get hours of exercise dancing. Chances are that they are also have more money than the average American. If you have ever talked to a stripper, you will know that there is no one in the world who makes you feel more comfortable or at home.
Drug dealers give us what we want. Is it our fault that everything we want has been outlawed? There’s no difference between the drug dealers of today and the bootleggers of the 20’s. Back then, they were sought out; they were the badasses of the town. Everyone knew that after a long day they could find these men to help them ease their troubles. Marijuana was made illegal just like alcohol was (it’s just taken a lot longer to get it legalized again). Drug dealers are often accused of feeding people’s addictions, but what’s the difference between them and the dealers at blackjack tables?
These are two groups of people that should be given praise instead of being looked down upon. They provide people with things they don’t necessarily need, but they do crave. We should give these people a lot more credit instead of looking down on them.


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