In Starbucks last night a guy sat down next to me who looked curiously familiar. I realized he was a guy who had tried to kiss me in the fourth grade. He is still every bit as unattractive as he was then. I immediately told my best friend the story about how he tried to kiss me and I in turn got him in trouble for the unwanted advance.

We started talking about how even a high five from an ugly person could be seen as inappropriate touching. But why is this? If you are a girl at a club and a hot guy comes up and “accidentally” grabs your butt while dancing, do you care? No, not really, because he is hot. A good looking guy can get away with a lot because he is so nice to look at. But if an ugly (good-looking impaired is the politically correct term I think) guy even came up and asked you dance, you would turn him down faster than he could blink. Hot guys are allowed to treat us like crap and we deal with it because they are so fun to look at, while ugly guys say one awkward thing and we are out of there.

I’m not sure if it works the same way with guys or if they just end up drinking until the girl is hot, but it is usually this way with girls. Maybe it’s time we girls give the good-looking impared guys a chance.

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  1. sam said:

    yeah. fuck yeah

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