I’ve always said that if I opened a store of some sort I would have a “SALE” sign outside all the time and put “marked down” prices on everything because let’s be honest, who can resist a good bargain? I know I can’t. The other day I was with my dad in Sports Authority. We walked past a huge table filled with baseball mits. No one in my family, except my little brother, likes baseball. My dad stops and says, “Oh, Nat! Look! Clearance table. Find the one that fits you.” As he is trying them on I look at him and say, “Dad, neither of us plays or even likes baseball.” He looks at my as though I just said the stupidest thing in the world and says, “Nat, they are ON CLEARANCE!” Eventually I convinced him we didn’t need them, but because they were marked down he felt that he really needed one.

Just today I saw something that confirmed the “must buy great deal” mentality. I was in Wal-Mart (I know it’s the most awful place in the world, but everything is so much cheaper and I’m a starving college student so I go there from time to time). I’m walking down an aisle and I see a bald man holding a bottle of shampoo. Apparently the price was so good it made a bald man feel the need to buy it.

Then, I came home to clean out my closet and found the single ugliest dress since Bjork dressed up as a swan hanging in my closet with the tag still on it (thank God I never wore it out). I thought, “What the hell made me think it was okay to buy this dress?” Then I saw the price tag. I bought it for 90% off, and I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason I got it.

So I guess the main question here is what is it about good deals that possess people to buy things that are totally useless to them? I have no idea, but I know I just got two notebooks today (even though I already have 10 waiting to be used) because they were 15 cents each. So apparently I’m not helping to break the cycle anytime soon either.


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