Hallways are the most awkward part of my day. Everyday I find myself in a hallway with someone either in front of me, behind me, or walking toward me. If the person is in front of me, he has to decide whether to turn around and say “Hi” or to ignore the sound of my flip flops coming down the hall. If someone is walking behind me I face the same decision. And if I do turn around and say “Hi” then do I wait for her and ask how her day is or do I yell the conversation down the hall or do I ignore the clop-clop of the high heels? And if we are walking towards each other at what distance is it appropriate to wave and say hello? And if you see the person more than 3 times in the hall in the same day and we are out of things to say do I just keep saying hello? All these things go through my mind everytime I see someone in a hallway. Maybe I’ll just avoid the corridors for awhile.

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